Integra assisted a fast food restaurant with the common problem of blocked up waterless urinals, due to the build-up of uric acid crystals inside the urinal and surrounding pipework. 

Unfortunately, this issue was causing a bad odour, and would ultimately lead to the facilities being out of order.

Originally, the fast food restaurant was cleaning in the traditional way, using chlorinated detergents, which proved to be ineffective. 

To treat the issue, Integra used a unique and highly effective product: ECO TABS.

ECO TABS uric acid tablets are 100% environmentally friendly. While other products simply mask odours and do not tackle the uric acid build-up, ECO TABS digest uric crystals while naturally removing odours and preventing further build-up without damaging any pipework and fittings. 

Within just 6 weeks using just 12 tablets, the issue was fully resolved. The pipe was completely cleaned of scale and uric acid build-up, and the pungent odour had completely cleared.

We documented the BEFORE and AFTER results of the treatment by taking photos, the great results can be clearly seen below.




ECO TABS are the only product on the market to digest (eat) uric acid crystals naturally. Harmful disinfectant blocks, acids, and bleaches do not prevent uric acid build-up. 

Furthermore, just one ECO TAB placed into a urinal per month can reduce costs by 40% to 50%, dependent on usage. 

For more information on how Integra’s unique product range can help your business, contact an Integra specialist today.