26 July 2022

GSan Sanitiser for Foot & Mouth Disease

Foot and mouth disease is threatening Australia’s livestock industry. The disease infects cows, sheep and pigs and can be carried on meat as well as spread by people.

Disinfection during an outbreak can prevent the virus from spreading.

GSAN Sanitiser is an APVMA approved all-purpose disinfectant for use against Foot & Mouth Disease

The Benefits of GSan Sanitiser:

GSan Sanitiser is a highly effective all-purpose disinfectant suitable for use in animal industries.

GSan Sanitiser is an APVMA approved product.

GSan Sanitiser can improve on-farm biosecuity, in the event of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

GSan Sanitiser is made up of the highly effective active ingredients: 151 g/L GLUTARALDEHYDE and 104 g/L QUATERNARY AMMONIUM.

Multiple uses for GSan Sanitiser include: hard surface disinfection/ truck & wheel wash/tray & equipment wash/ footbaths, etc - use at the recommended dilution rate.

Integra offer GSan Sanitiser in two pack sizes: 20L / 200L


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