TwinOxide provides many benefits to the Poultry Industry as an all-around farm disinfectant and as a poultry drinking water cleaner and sterilizer.

TwinOxide effectively controls microbial contamination in potable supplies, process waters, wastewater and effluent.

TwinOxide is the most advanced potable water treatment and all-round sanitising solution on the market today, it destroys and removes water contaminants including Biofilm, providing a clean water distribution system in which pathogens cannot lodge and multiply.

TwinOxide is a proven effective solution for the reduction and control of all microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, viruses, pathogens protozoa and parasites.

TwinOxide has approvals for use in Food Industry and Drinking Water applications.


Benefits Summary – TwinOxide outperforms other common poultry farm water treatments & disinfection measures

TwinOxide is a more effective treatment than Chlorine and other Halogens, as it has the ability to operate within a wide pH range (4 to 10) without producing any harmful by-products.

It is 2 -6 times more effective than Chlorine Gas, 7 times more effective than sodium hypochlorite and 7 times more effective than hydrogen peroxide.

TwinOxide is not affected by the pH of the water (therefore effective in hard water conditions).

TwinOxide® is compliant to the Drinking Water Inspectorate and the EPA for use in potable water.

Ultra Violet and ozone can also be effective disinfectants, but neither can maintain a residual in the water and therefore do not prevent the growth of biofilm or protect against contamination, either in the pipeline or at the drinking point.

Chlorine Dioxide is, besides Ozone, the ONLY suitable disinfectant able to kill and remove Biofilms in Drinking Water Distribution System Pipes and Tanks.

TwinOxide is compatible with most hard surface materials and does not increase the corrosiveness of water.

TwinOxide has approvals for use in Food Industry and Drinking Water applications.

TwinOxide® (Chlorine Dioxide) has received much attention due to its advantages over aqueous chlorine.

It is 7 X more potent than aqueous chlorine in killing bacteria in poultry processing chill water, its bactericidal activity is not affected by alkaline conditions and/or the presence of high levels of organic matter, and it is less reactive than aqueous chlorine in interacting with organic compounds, such as unsaturated fatty acids, their methyl esters, and tryptophan and their derivatives.

Poultry Farm & Hatchery Applications: 

TwinOxide can be used to sanitize water or as a residual to combat environmental contamination in the livestock house.

TwinOxide can reduce infection by improving water quality 

TwinOxide can prevent the introduction of pathogens coming from the water supplies.

TwinOxide added to humidity control water can control contamination introduced either in the air or on the eggs.

TwinOxide prevents bacterial infection on the farm and in the processing plant and works as a total farm disinfectant.

TwinOxide is compliant with the regulations as a Terminal Food Surface Sanitizer and can be used on food prep surfaces without a potable water rinse.

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