The Importance of Water in Poultry Production

When thinking about the factors that positively influence poultry production, the importance of water is often overlooked in favour of improving feed and environmental factors. 

Water is the most important nutrient for the overall health and performance of commercial broilers. It plays an essential role in every aspect of metabolism and is critical to the regulation of the bird's body temperature, food digestion, and waste elimination. 

By weight, broilers consume almost twice as much water as feed. During its lifetime, a five-pound broiler will consume about 18 pounds of water, compared to approximately 10 pounds of feed

Research shows that water consumption can be used as an indicator of overall flock performance.

Poor water quality impacts bird growth and health. Poor water quality can interfere with digestion and impact overall product quality. Poor water quality can also result in leaky water feed nipples, which leaves litter wet and increases ammonia production.

High levels of bacterial contaminants, minerals, or other pollutants in drinking water can have detrimental effects on normal physiological properties resulting in inferior performance.

In a perfect world, poultry producers would supply their flocks with human-grade drinking water, but doing so is expensive and offers no return on investment. Although poultry don’t require sterile water for drinking, heavily contaminated water is not suitable either.

Water provided for drinking, cooling and range irrigation must also be free from microbial contamination that could potentially cause disease in poultry, or lead to food safety issues. 

Low-quality feed water is also often affected by Biofilm. Biofilm is best described as a protective layer that shelters microorganisms from the elements. Experts believe biofilm gives off an odour that makes drinking water less desirable to poultry.

 Various methods are available that can reduce or eliminate the impurities that adversely affect water quality. 

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