Clarification, Settling & Sedimentation

Removing suspended solids from liquids is necessary for many processes. Clarification is one way of achieving this.

Clarification/Settling/Sedimentation are terms used to describe the separation of suspended solids from the clear water phase or wastewater utilising particle density and gravity.

The process usually involves a tank (clarifier) that holds the water/wastewater for a period of time to allow the solids to settle to the bottom. 

Clarifiers (settling tanks) can also serve for thickening. 

Most clarifiers have a cone or sloped bottom section that concentrates the settled solids, The solids can then be pumped to storage or further treatment. Clarifiers often feature a built-in mechanism for continuous removal of the solids deposited by sedimentation. 

Sometimes a surface skimmer is used to remove floating debris in addition to a bottom skimmer to purge the sludge. These systems are more common in municipal water and wastewater applications.

Integra can successfully improve the performance of clarification through chemical and mechanical optimisation, by utilising our unique chemical range alongside years of industry experience.

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