Reverse osmosis, or (RO), is a water purification technology that utilizes a semipermeable membrane to remove the dissolved ions and minerals from water to produce high purity water. An Industrial reverse osmosis system is designed to be a part of an overall water purification system used in commercial and industrial applications.

In a reverse osmosis system, one side of the water purification vessel has unprocessed water and pure water on the other side, separated by a semi-permeable membrane. We would apply pressure to the untreated side of the tank, enough to counteract the natural osmotic pressure from the pure water side and then to push the untreated through the membrane, thus adding fresh water to the product water side, and leaving the un-purified water (reject/retentate/concentrate) on the other.

Integra have over 30 years of water purification experience including designing, installing and servicing reverse osmosis systems. We assist companies in a wide range of industries and applications to realize optimal water purification through reverse osmosis.