Sanimist is a highly effective alcohol-based spray sanitiser.

When used as directed, Sanimist eliminates 99.9% of all gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

Amongst other industries, it is excellent in the food processing industry.

Apply on hands for complete coverage and saturation after washing with soap and water.


Sanimist is safe for hands to have food contact without rinsing. It is highly evaporative and provides excellent sanitation. Combined with an emollient system, Sanimist helps to eradicate contaminants and at the same time soften the hands which improves skin integrity.


▪ Ready-to-use – no dilution / no mistakes

▪ Provides complete coverage of the hands

▪ Unique emollient blend which leaves the hands feeling soft

▪ Versatile and cost effective

▪ Fast evaporation time


Prior to use, hands should be washed with soap and water, rinsed, dried and visibly clean.

With palms up and fingers bent, cover the entire area with the liquid., After sufficient amount has been applied, rub hands vigorously until dry. Be sure to rub into hard to reach areas on the hand.


Sanimist is a Ready-To-Use product.