Legionella: Authority Compliance & Risk Management Plans (RMP)

If your business uses warm or hot water systems, cooling towers or cooling water systems the potential exists for a foreseeable risk of exposure to Legionella. A Legionella risk assessment and an effective Legionella risk mitigation strategy is in the best interest of your customers, clients, employees and yourself.

A Legionella risk assessment is a systematic examination of engineered water systems to identify the potential risk of exposure to the Legionella bacteria.

The purpose of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) is to apply and document best practices to effectively control the growth and transmission of Legionella bacteria while considering the risks that are unique to the cooling water system being assessed.

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At Integra, we provide fast no-fuss inspections to determine the likeliness of Legionella bacteria forming in your water systems and take the necessary steps to reduce those risks.

Integra are well versed in providing the necessary advice and services required to achieve full compliance in line with your specific governing state body. From advice on compliance to full Risk Management Plans, independent audits, laboratory testing, cooling tower registration, to all the relevant reporting and documentation – Integra have you covered.


Legionnaires' disease a severe form of pneumonia caused by a bacterium known as legionella. The respiratory infection can be contracted through the inhalation of infected water. Mist or vapor contaminated with the bacteria can come from taps, showers, air-conditioning units, cooling towers, fountains, pipes, pools, and any water used for drinking and bathing.

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