Service, Maintenance & Repair 

RO, UF, Ion Exchange, Softeners, UV, Media & Cartridge Filtration

Integra provide a wide range of service and maintenance programs including repairs for a large majority of water purification equipment and systems, regardless of the manufacturer or seller. 

In fact, many companies discover Integra via our 'service and repair' capabilities, as we are the premier service choice for many water treatment and purification systems equipment providers. We also offer emergency service and equipment rentals to keep your operations running smoothly.

Integra offer more than just “quick fix” services—we have service and maintenance programs that are specifically designed to reduce the need for emergency calls and unexpected downtime. 

We tailor our maintenance programs to monitor the performance of your system and equipment which can not only reduce downtime problems, but may actually extend the life and quality of performance of your equipment for years, saving you both valuable time and repair costs.

When we design a maintenance and service program for our customers, we take into account the proper amount of testing and frequency checks to fit the usage of your water purification system. We offer a substantial in-house parts inventory and have the ability to retrofit obsolete parts. 

By having a full understanding of both your needs and your operational process, we can factor in critical points and frequencies to monitor and ensure the system and your operations can run with less downtime though pro-active maintenance.

We also offer service and maintenance training and back everything with our phone support services.

The bottom line is this—because we take the time to understand your system, application, and usage, we can build a service and maintenance program specifically tailored to meet and exceed your needs, while saving you time and money through ensuring long term optimal performance and reducing downtime due to unexpected breakdowns.

For more information, contact an Integra specialist today.