What is SLUDGE?

Sludge is a waste by-product that is produced from a variety of industrial and municipal processes.

The disposal of sludge is expensive and is governed by strict regulations, therefore most sludge producing companies must find effective ways to reduce sludge volume and minimise this environmentally harmful waste.

Sludge Dewatering

The primary objective of sludge dewatering is to concentrate the solids present in the waste stream to achieve a greatly reduced volume of waste being removed from the site leading to reduced disposal costs.

There are various systems that are specifically designed for sludge dewatering with each system having its own advantages. Some examples include; plate filter presses, fan presses, centrifuges, and belt filter press.

Integra offer extreme proficiency in providing chemistry regimes that optimise each of these systems in order to reduce spending associated with sludge dewatering. 

Sludge dewatering is typically focused on reducing the weight and volume of the sludge so that disposal costs - including transportation - are kept to a minimum. Water extraction is the best way to achieve a reduction in the overall waste volume before the sludge can be disposed of or treated in the most economical way.

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