Our years of experience with electro-deionisation systems as well as other deionisation technologies allows us to help you design and select the right system that best fits your needs and offers the most efficient and economical solution. We also offer complete turn-key service from design to rental and installation all the way to service, maintenance, and support.

We specialist technologies to remove not only residual salts but other aqueous species, such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia, and boron. Our systems operate chemical free, achieve 95 percent water recovery, and consume only electricity. Our EDI systems provide key advantages over traditional ion-exchange processes:

Service Deionisation Exchange Tanks

Deionisation systems and tank exchange services provide clients with an economical and effective high purity water solution. One of the unique benefits of Integra is that we take time to fully understand your water needs from the quantity you use to the application and quality level of treatment you require. Combine this with our years of deionisation experience and you get the right solution and a partner who will monitor your systems to proactively keep you up and running.
We customize each service deionisation system and exchange service to meet your needs, not our
schedule, and we specialize in emergency service. We not only design the right system but monitor your systems and usage to know when something needs replacing through a schedule. Our systems can feature indicator lights to alert you when an exchange is needed.

Laboratory Water Purification - Deionisation Systems

Laboratories from schools and universities to chemical manufacturing facilities require high purity water in order to conduct analysis or perform critical processes. Typical mains water may contain ions or minerals that can interfere with laboratory tests or lessen the quality of the final product.

Laboratory water purification provides a deionised water filtration system that removes the ions in regular tap water.

We have a broad range of experience designing and installing laboratory water purification systems as well as providing laboratory water supplies to the scientific and education markets and other industries. Today’s diagnostic and testing labs have increased their level of measurement accuracy and require water purification that can also meet their need for accuracy.

Laboratory water purification provides more neutral water that can help improve the accuracy of specific scientific tests without being affected by the minerals in tap water. The benefit of laboratory water purification is the

advanced level of high purity water needed to conduct critical experiments and processes with improved results and accuracy.

Integra are unique in that we take the time necessary to fully understand your water requirements like the amount of water used in a given time period as well as the level of water purification you need on a consistent basis.  We believe that the more we know about your business and how you use water the better we can provide a long term solution.