An industrial water softener is simply an ion exchange system that replaces the hardness scaling minerals in the water with sodium minerals, specifically minerals that cause hard water; these would include calcium, magnesium and others usually picked up as soluble bits in groundwater.

There are two major problems that hard water causes: the first is scale, which is the physical build-up of calcium and magnesium; this build up can reduce water flow in pipes and damage control valves which can result in blocked water lines. The second problem with hard water is its ability to prevent soap from lathering or becoming foamy, necessary in the cleaning process.

Our years of experience have helped us select a wide range of industrial water softeners that help our clients meet their water quality needs. We take the time to meet with you to fully understand your water usage and application requirements, so we can create a solution that will not only meet your current needs but

your future needs, as well. In some cases, industrial water softener may be the only needed piece of equipment or it may be a pre-treatment for other applications. We do not just sell systems off our shelves; we provide the right water solution for your requirements.

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