Rust or corrosion can happen due to a reaction between metal in the pipe and oxygen which is present in the water. Systems with stale water, or with low which has a lower mineral content are much more likely to be affected by damage due to corrosion.

Stagnant water released oxygen which reacts with the metal present and then causes the corrosion.

Corrosion is very harmful to your systems as it can erode pipes and cause system failure. Metal corrosion is often visible to the naked eye in the form of rust. Usually a brow colouration to the water indicates that there is corrosion present and that your system and pipes could be affected. Often this occurs in the area of your water system which experiences less flow.

Accurately measuring the corrosion levels in your water systems is critical to the ongoing performance of your water systems, and is necessary to preserve the life expectancy of your valuable equipment.

For this purpose, pre-weighted metal coupons are used as a tool to monitor the corrosion rates within a particular system. The results can provide an indication of the overall health of your water systems.

Automated Data Reports

All corrosion coupon results are analysed and sent via seamless automated reports to your dedicated account manager, as well as any nominated personnel. This way any negative results are immediately flagged and followed up the minute they occur, giving you peace of mind for the future.

Each data report is generated upon completion of the coupon analysis and is available via email as well as by accessing the online portal on-demand. Your dedicated Integra Water account manager will be informed of any corrosion issues and will take any necessary action to ensure that no major damage is incurred to your cooling systems or equipment.

Report results may also include information specific to the corrosion mechanism encountered, such as pitting, scale build-up, and severity of attack. All analysis is completed in accordance with industry and/or customer standards.

When combined together with insights delivered from our highly qualified in-field technicians and laboratory staff, the corrosion monitoring reports provide critical information to continually assess the health of your ensure water systems, always ensuring the highest possible outcome for your KPI’s and your business.

Please contact Integra for an accurate analysis of your water systems, determine the corrosion levels, as well as assist with prolonging the life expectancy of your water-cooling systems.