Integra has been successfully servicing and treating water for over 30 years. 

Our client base boasts over 3000 sites nationally including heavy industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, export food processors and major commercial operations, from large scale industrial buildings, rural farming and manufacturing plants to health care facilities and regional Councils.

With extensive experience in treating raw water for industrial or utility processes, Integra are experienced in treating any type of raw water such as rainwater, ground water, effluent re-use, and water from bodies like lakes and rivers (to name a few). Offering technical advice and a tailored approach, Integra can advise the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to any specific requirements.

Integra offer qualified technicians alongside a dedicated account manager to ensure accurate results and informative advice, reporting and interpretative guidance following any testing.

We offer a ‘total package’ approach, which combines all aspects of water testing, and treatments, including programmed servicing, field testing, laboratory analysis, chemical supply and delivery, dosing equipment to support effective filtration. 

Our aim is to derive maximum benefit from unparalleled service, process performance and cost.

If you have a special application that requires consideration and perhaps custom formulation – talk to us.