Integra has successfully built a reputation as a leader in the world of Cleaning and Hygiene products and services.

At Integra, we make it our business to understand your business. We offer a combined and holistic approach with a strong commitment to deliver exceptional service, combined with the best chemical products in the market and the highest standards of hygiene and safety applied to all that we do.

We provide a fully comprehensive and uniquely tailored cleaning & hygiene solution to every client we service.

We recognise that every customer has different needs. We can offer a level of service that includes site visits to conduct audits, specialist consultations for specific issues, and quoting services for all manner of customised requests.

Our tailored plans are designed to improve productivity, efficiency and increase work flow within your business, so that you can focus on the task at hand.

Cleaning & Hygiene services we can offer:

 Chemical supply and management

Integra can design and supply the chemicals and associated dispensing equipment alongside educational training programs to achieve the high-quality outcomes for your business.

Integra also provides a full suite of services from Cleaning and Hygiene solutions through to Chemical Water Treatment, Pre-Treatment and Desalination, Waste Water disposal and re-use.  This rare synergy ensures higher quality outcomes for your business in every aspect, plus any future requirements can be easily assimilated under one plan, enabling us to support your complete end-to-end requirements.

Our wealth of experience ensure that we are uniquely positioned to access the latest market leading innovations, newest technologies, and most stringent compliance practices, where hygiene and safety are paramount.

For more information on how Integra can revolutionise your business, contact an Integra specialist today.