Integra offer an unequalled level of expertise when providing cleaning and hygiene solutions to the Industrial sectors.

Our specialist chemical cleaning options offer a systematic clean to all areas of the workplace, to help ensure a safe, efficient and hygienic work space which allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Our specialist cleaning products ensure that all contaminants are removed so that your operation experience minimal interruptions, therefore maximising your efficiency and improving day to day running costs. Our high-quality chemical solutions have the capabilities to dissolve and remove dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants from your equipment, work spaces, cooling systems, water tanks, and anywhere else they are required.

Our sanitising products ensure the safety of your workers throughout every area of the work place, including toilets, kitchens, work areas and more. Our thorough cleaning applications will help to protect your entire workforce against preventable illness and injury.

At Integra, our chemical cleaning and sanitising solutions are highly cost effective and can also work hard to increase the life of your machinery whilst improving productivity through a consistent and reliable work flow. We can consult with your business to develop a unique solution suited to your exact requirements.

Integra service businesses of all sizes, nationally. We have the expertise to manage solutions across multiple sites Australia - wide, from large warehouse chains, factories, workshops to small single offices. We have a range of equipment as well as delivery programs to complement our products, and can even design solutions to suit your specifications.

Our specialised technicians possess years of experience, and are equipped with the latest technology and products to resolve any manner of cleaning and sanitising options. We can also address equipment cleaning issues such as corrosion, scale, fouling or process contamination.

For more information, contact Integra for a customised solution to suit your needs.