At Integra, we formulate and develop our own products, custom-made for Australian conditions and applications. 

We produce a diverse and broad range of treatment chemicals, including specialty cleaning chemicals and water treatment chemicals.

Our in-house R&D team are always striving to produce industry-leading products. We are the proud applicants for a number of patents, reflecting our commitment to innovation. 

We have the capability to develop customised chemicals to suit your specific requirements.

We have chemical manufacturing operations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with local commercial arrangements in Western Australia and South Australia.

Integra‘s overseas partnerships provide access to the latest technology through long-standing licensing agreements. 

Integra is also committed to producing and using environmentally friendly chemicals to ensure long-term environmental stability. Our technical team under the direction of our Technical Director are constantly researching, trialing and evaluating chemicals with lower toxicity and greater biodegradability, in an effort to negate the environmental impact of our programs and to promote corporate business responsibility.

Our team of chemical specialists continually strive to formulate more effective chemical products. 

If you have a special need that requires custom formulations, please contact us.