Solucare water soluble sachet cleaning products are revolutionary in concept, practical in design and offer convenience with effective, reliable performance. 

Soludoz and Solucaps provide an innovative method of cleaning. A specific active cleaning concentrate powder is encapsulated in a water-soluble sachet which, when added to a volume of water, dissolves to create a perfect cleaning solution for the task at hand. 

The sachets dissolve instantly in water and deliver exactly what is required for each application, providing the exact portion control (dilution) required. This eliminates the costly problem of cleaning staff commonly making up a stronger solution than is required.  

Also, because the sachets are dry, compact and lightweight, they reduce storage space and transportation costs, as well as avoid spillage problems, and are cleaner and safer to handle. There are no plastic drums required, as well as minimal disposal requirements. The non-hazardous nature of the products and packaging format allows for ease of distribution.

The Solucare soluble sachet system comprises of general-purpose cleaners, hard surface cleaners, food safe cleaning products, hospital cleaning products, and washroom products, all in a unique soluble sachet.


 Easy to use.

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