At Integra, we excel in providing water treatment solutions to turn a wide range of water sources into safe drinking water, with a wealth of experience in offering complete solutions for any type of water treatment requirement. 

No matter how big or small, we have the skills, the mindset and the experience to deliver the best possible solution for your business. 

Our advanced chemical products offer extremely cost-effective solutions, coupled with our skilled specialists which can offer consultations and quotes to suit your specifications. We also deliver high quality hands-on servicing, and offer a huge range of specialist equipment to serve a wide range of applications.

Integra’s unique product, TwinOxide is used to prevent the formation of harmful bacteria in warm water systems, preventing the spread of harmful diseases such as Legionella. Twin Oxide is also used to clean and disinfect water, removing harmful bacteria which can cause disease.  Unlike similar treatments on the market, TwinOxide does not produce unwanted disinfection by-products and successfully kills the full spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, and spores.

TwinOxide is suitable for the cleaning and sanitation of meat carcasses and fruits and veg in the fresh fruit production industry. With a very wide range of applications, TwinOxide can even sanitize water to be suitable for drinking (both for animal and human consumption). 

Integra offer services to effectively sanitise, disinfect and clean everything - including the pipelines.

Some of the potential solutions we can offer for your business includes:

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