Integra offer a range of high-quality hand soaps, sanitisers, and lotions that help keep your employee, and guests safe, hygienic, and healthy.

Our years of experience in a wide range of industries and markets enable us to understand a company’s applications and requirements, helping us to address new customer’s challenges.

As we are not tied to any specific affiliate companies, Integra can offer the best formulations available to market, ensuring the highest quality products and industry leading dosing and dispensing equipment options are carefully selected to suit your needs.

Whatever the industry, effective cleaning and hygiene strategies are integral to keeping your employees and guests safe, hygienic, and healthy.

Hand care is of paramount importance to so many industries, from Healthcare to Industrial workers, Integra can provide you with a leading range of hand cleaners, sanitisers, lotions and barrier creams to ensure optimal hygiene and comfort for all.

We stay ahead of industry trends, and can also offer a range of hand cleaning products that are extremely effective (with the ability to cut through grease, oil and dirt) yet completely natural. Our all-natural heavy-duty hand cleaners contain zeolite, a completely natural substance that even continues to clean after it is washed down the drain. Our natural hand cleaners are popular with many industries and occupations, including miners, mechanics, painters, engineers and farmers. A natural hand cleaner can be used frequently and does not dry out the hands or contain any chemicals.

We offer a huge range of cleaning, hygiene, sanitising and Personal Care products, as well as all of the dispensing and dosing equipment needed to complete the job.

Contact Integra directly for a full list of products and our complete range of solutions to suit your specific industry.

Personal Care

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