We believe that to best serve our customers it is important to understand their entire situation and evaluate the best way to provide a total solution and not just sell them a standard piece of equipment. It is the philosophy that has helped us become one of the leading industrial water treatment companies in Australia. Our years of experience in a wide range of industries and markets enable us to understand a company’s applications and requirements, helping us to address new customer’s challenges.

We provide more than just water treatment equipment and systems for industry. We offer additional services like rental systems and pilot projects, repair and maintenance programs to keep our operations up and running, not just for today, but for years into the future. In fact our services have helped many companies realize improved productivity and long term cost reductions because of our monitoring and maintenance programs.

The real benefit we offer to our customers is not just the services and solutions we provide, it’s the personal business relationships we develop with them. Integra are large enough to tackle the biggest of projects but small enough to provide the one-on-one service our customers have come to appreciate.

We also focus on developing long term relationships with our clients and have developed services that help maintain and keep our systems running trouble free for years. From service and maintenance agreements to rental and installation services, everything we do is designed to provide total water treatment solutions.

Innovation is another part of our total water treatment solution at Integra. In addition to designing, installing and maintain systems and solutions, we also embrace innovation and use our expertise to develop new solutions in new areas like ground water remediation operations.

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