Bed Regeneration- Demineralizer Systems

Integra offer a variety of mixed bed deionisers to effectively remove the ions from water that can contaminate your water system or manufacturing processes. A mixed bed system uses 2 regenerative ion exchange resins which are formed in the shape of beads. These cation and anion resin beads are mixed together to remove more impurities with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions resulting in the production of high purity water.

Mixed bed deioniser systems allow water to make repeated contact with the cation and anion beads.

Because of the surface area, the water comes in contact with both types of beads creating more ion exchanges and resulting in more completely purified water.

We offer a range of mixed bed deionisers for a wide range of applications and will meet to discuss and determine the best solution to meet your requirements. Our mixed bed water deioniser systems feature durable construction and provide optimal performance and repeatability in both service and regeneration modes.

Mixed Bed Deioniser Features


•             Mixed Bed Polishing

•             On-Site Regeneration

•             Automatic Operation

•             Installation Support Systems

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