Cleaning, hygiene, and sanitisation, are the most important aspects of food safety.

Integra offer a vast range of high-quality cleaning and sanitising solutions which are specifically designed to achieve optimal hygiene standards within the food, and food manufacturing industries.

We understand the importance of maintaining cleaning, sanitation and hygiene standards at all times. Our specialist solutions can help your business to achieve HACCP standards. 

At Integra, we can custom design and install specialist dosing or chemical delivery equipment to compliment all of our cleaning and hygiene solutions. Our complete package options deliver the best results by offering: controlled delivery/dosing, high-quality products and energy efficiency. Our tailored solutions can also help to extend the life of any equipment in use.

We offer a range of suitable chemical programs to help your business operate safely while achieving high levels of cleanliness and optimal food hygiene standards. 

Contact Integra today for a customised solution for your needs.