If there is a lot of dirt and debris present in your cooling tower water, even the best water treatment programs become strained and ineffective.

In Australia, it is a legal requirement to clean Cooling Towers regularly. Cleaning is also necessary to ensure that Cooling Towers are free of contaminants and operate effectively, this is even more important in the absence of Side Stream Filtration.

Integra offer over 30 years of experience in servicing, maintaining, cleaning, and upgrading Cooling Towers. 

Our excellent service is our primary differentiator. We can work with your business to ensure minimum disruption and downtime, and ensure that your equipment is free from Legionella, contaminants, scale, and corrosion.

Our 24/7 Remote Monitoring Systems continually track and assess your water and equipment to ensure that major issues such as loss of power or sudden water leaks are immediately detected and resolved. Continual monitoring offers complete peace of mind, as well as avoiding unnecessary plant shutdowns, as well as additional benefits, including improved water efficiency, reduced chemical usage, energy savings, and most importantly, cost savings.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an exceptional experience.

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