Integra are well versed in delivering effective boiler & Steam treatments to suit your specific needs.

Servicing a huge variety of Industries for over 30 years, our wealth of experience is proven through our ability to minimise downtime to your business while ensuring a thorough chemical clean and decontamination is completed in the safest manner possible.

Performed by qualified technicians, our superior methods offer cost-effective cleaning solutions to work in line with your business.

Corrosion control in steam boilers is achieved by efficient chemical removal of dissolved oxygen from feed water and boiler water. A catalysed solution of sodium sulphite or a blend of natural tannins is used. This reacts almost instantaneously with dissolved oxygen even at low temperatures. This rapid reaction provides greater protection to the boiler and pre-boiler section, especially where mechanical deaeration is not complete.

We understand that large businesses often require chemical cleaning to remove pollutants from their cooling systems, tanks boilers and pipes without experiencing any interruption to their workflow.

We offer cutting edge technology alongside years of experience to deliver the results you need and can tailor our cleaning plans to suit your specific requirements.

At Integra, our solutions safely and effectively loosen and dissolve any contaminants inside your systems in a contained environment, without the release of hazardous by-products and without the need to remove your valuable equipment.

We can recommend the best suitable options for your needs, meticulously handled by our team of skilled technicians to complete the work to the highest possible standards, and in the safest possible manner.

As Water Treatment, Filtration, Wastewater Management, and Cleaning Hygiene & Sanitation experts, our specialists provide solutions for businesses throughout all of Australia, Asia and beyond.

Integra offer a full range of Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions and products (including washes, detergents, and disinfectants) as well as highly effective potable water treatments to protect against pathogens and diseases, fully safeguarding every aspect of your business.

With all requirements easily assimilated under one plan, we deliver streamlined solutions for the best results with the lowest possible operating costs.

For more information on how Integra can revolutionise your business, contact an Integra specialist today.