MAGIC MUD Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is popular with all heavy duty work occupations including miners, mechanics, painters, engineers and farmers. In fact, this all-natural heavy duty cleanser is perfect for hard working hands, anywhere.

With increased occupational health and safety concerns, the risk of absorbing toxic chemicals into the body is more prevalent than ever. Aggressive substances like heavy metal deposits, oil, and grease can penetrate deep into the skin during heavy labour, and then become hazardous and toxic to the human body. 

Washing hands with MAGIC MUD products is a proven, effective method to successfully remove heavy metal deposits, as well as grease, oil and most industrial contaminants from the hands and skin. MAGIC MUD is ideally suited for the cleaning of hardworking hands in mechanical and industrial workshops, on building sites, farms, fishing trawlers, mines, and oil rigs. It is also an ideal product for the handyman.

Industrial hand cleaning products are chemically based and pungent. They strip the hands leaving them feeling dry, rough or irritated. They replace the odour of dirt and grime with the odour of chemicals, which they then try to camouflage with fragrances, they look and feel like chemical hazards and are unkind to the environment.

MAGIC MUD is a highly effective cleaner, that works without the harmful effects from the harsh chemicals found in petrochemical-based cleaners.

MAGIC MUD hand cleaners have a unique capacity to:

Effectively remove stubborn dirt, grime, oil, grease, and other contaminants

Remove pungent odours, across a broad spectrum

Trap and remove toxins and contaminants from the skin

Remove heavy metals, engine oil, grime, grease and dirt

Remove fuel odours, glues, mastics, fillers, silicone and water based paints

MAGIC MUD is totally natural with no nasty chemicals added

MAGIC MUD will leave hands clean, supple and fresh

An all natural, effective cleaning solution is in the best interests of your company, your employees, and yourself.

To find out how Integra Water Treatment Solutions can supply your industry with MAGIC MUD hand cleaning products, give us a call today.