Integra have provided services and solutions to a diverse range of industry for over 30 years.

Our solutions fall under four main categories:

Integra offer a complete range of water-related services, from Pre-Treatment and Desalination through to Chemical Water Treatment, Waste Water and Re-use and a full suite of Cleaning and Hygiene solutions.   

Our technicians are experts in their chosen field and fully trained in all aspects of the equipment and services we provide. 

Integra offer a variety of different perspectives through our combined wealth of knowledge. Additional benefits of our combined knowledge are faster problem-solving timeframes and greater innovation through technological and chemical advances.

We have all your bases covered; strategists, designers, engineers, product specialists, and technicians.

Our aim is to deliver maximum benefit from unparalleled service, costs, and plant performance.

We also have a team of chemical specialists working in research and development to formulate more effective chemical products. 

This rare synergy ensures higher quality outcomes for your business in every aspect, plus any future requirements can be easily assimilated under one plan.

Find out more about how Integra can revolutionise your business, contact us today for expert advice and a customised solution to suit your needs.