Meat processing plants are some of the largest consumers of water of any industry, typically using vast quantities of water in both the slaughtering and the cleaning procedures.

Wastewater is generated during almost every process involved, and water is also used throughout the various cleaning and decontamination stages.

Plant cleaning and hygiene procedures also use vast quantities of water throughout their processes in order to prevent and eliminate microbial growth and contamination. These operations are also highly regulated and require adherence to strict regulatory guidelines.

Integra offer a full range of industrial Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions and products (including washes, detergents, and disinfectants) as well as highly effective sanitation programs such as CIP cleaning, Industrial machinery clearing, and complete disinfection solutions. Our potable water treatments protect against pathogens and diseases, fully safeguarding every aspect of your business.

Our chemical cleaning solutions are supported by effective training manuals, staff training programs, occupational safety requirements, and risk assessment plans, to meet all your accreditation requirements whilst preventing the spread of infection.

Integra currently provide solutions to a growing number of long-standing clients in the Meat, Poultry and Dairy Industries, with many years of experience in delivering tailored solutions and services with excellent results.

Our demonstrated experience allows us to deliver programs to improve profitability, reduce water wastage, reduce energy costs, minimize production downtime, and improve the lifespan of your equipment.

We can deliver combined water treatment, water minimisation, and wastewater solutions to meet specific requirements while ensuring that a high standard of cleaning and sanitation is maintained throughout the entire plant at all times.

We offer complete solutions, from employee hygiene programs to machinery cleaning, including kill floor to boning rooms and hook maintenance.

Our effective cleaning and hygiene solutions improve safety and deliver outstanding value.

Some of the many services we offer:

Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) We have experience in OPC cleaning methods.

Inside Cleaning (CIP Cleaning) We are skilled at using the best equipment to achieve optimal results

With all requirements easily assimilated under one plan, we deliver streamlined solutions for the best results with the lowest possible operating costs. We can also help your business to achieve compliance with local wastewater discharge permits.

For more information on how Integra can revolutionise your business, contact an Integra specialist today.