8 January 2024

Don't Let Your Cooling Tower Become a Legionella Hotspot

Modern Equipment Saves Lives

The recent legionella outbreak in Sydney (http://tinyurl.com/2dxuszpn), linked to a cooling tower, serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in improperly maintained water systems. While the news cycle may move on, the threat remains. 

Online Monitoring Systems:

Thankfully, remote telemetry equipment for your cooling tower can be your silent guardian, protecting your facility and the public from this potentially fatal illness.Older dosing systems often rely on manual monitoring and adjustments, leaving room for human error and inconsistencies in chemical levels. This creates an environment ripe for legionella bacteria to thrive.


Remote telemetry and cooling towers

Telemetry is a technology that allows lntegra to monitor and control your cooling tower system remotely. This means that you can access real-time data of your system's performance and amend its settings from anywhere in the world.


The Sydney Outbreak: A Case for Modernisation:

In the Sydney case, the cooling tower lacked proper maintenance and disinfection, allowing legionella to flourish. This outbreak could have been prevented with the following modern dosing features:

Remote online monitoring telemetry: 

Real-time data: Would have alerted facility managers to any issues, allowing for prompt intervention.

Automated adjustments: The system could have automatically increased biocide levels to combat legionella growth.

Early warning system: Alerts would have notified relevant authorities and ensured timely public health measures.

Remote telemetry is considered best practice for cooling tower system management. It is an affordable and easy-to-install technology that can help to improve the efficiency and reliability of your cooling tower system.


Invest in Your Future: 

Upgrading your cooling tower dosing equipment to a modern online monitoring system is an investment in safety, compliance, and peace of mind. 

By using modern telemetry you will:

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Together, let's ensure cool, clean, and safe water for everyone.

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