18 December 2019

Services for the Hospitality Industry

Integra offer a complete spectrum of water related services which are specific to the Hospitality industries. 

Our services include legionella risk assessment which checks for the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires Disease. 

A Legionella risk assessment and an effective Legionella risk mitigation strategy is in the best interest of your customers, clients, employees and yourself. Our unique potable water treatments protect against pathogens and diseases, fully safeguarding every aspect of your business. 

Our experts are also well versed in government legislation and regulations, and can work with you to deliver innovative solutions to suit your specific requirements. 

Within the Hospitality sector, venue hygiene and the choice of cleaning chemicals has a direct impact on the customer experience. 

Our array of chemical cleaning and hygiene related products will keep employees and guests clean, safe, and healthy. Complementing our products is a range of dispensing equipment which can be fully customised to meet all your accreditation requirements whilst preventing the spread of infection. 

For more information on how Integra can assist your business, contact a specialist today.