28 September 2023



Proactive water treatment during poor air quality in Sydney

During the past week metropolitan Sydney has been blanketed with smoke from hazard reduction burning, leading to extremely poor air quality.

Furthermore, this time of the year is well recognised as "Legionella Season" as we transition from winter to summer operation.

While most systems use ORP, that will ramp up to deal with the additional demand, the timer based non-oxidising biocide which is our main Legionella control product, is fixed.

We at lntegra recognised this increased risk and took proactive steps to address the above. 

Most occupiers with a healthy aversion to risk have adopted telemetry as part of their water treatment

programs. For these clients we were able to increase the frequency of disinfectant by adding additional doses of a non-oxidising biocide over the weekend. This will continue until we see things settle down again.

Remote telemetry and cooling towers

Telemetry is a technology that allows lntegra to monitor and control your cooling tower system remotely. This means that you can access real-time data of your system's performance and amend its settings from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of remote telemetry for cooling tower systems:

• 24/7 monitoring: Remote telemetry allows you to monitor your cooling tower system 24/7, so you can identify and address any problems before they cause downtime.

• Remote control: Telemetry allows changes to your cooling tower system's settings remotely, such as adjusting the dosages of chemicals or setpoints. This can be especially helpful in changing conditions, such as during periods of poor air quality.

• Best practice: Remote telemetry is considered best practice for cooling tower system management. It is an affordable and easy-to-install technology that can help to improve the efficiency and reliability of your cooling tower system.

How can occupiers achieve best practice?

Occupiers can help lntegra protect their cooling tower systems by upgrading outdated systems.

Remote telemetry options are available as a retrofit, or replacement to existing dosing equipment at the end of life.

lntegra have incorporated the monitoring of remote equipment into our service and account management processes. It is not pie in the sky; it is real proactive service.

These steps can help to minimise the risk of damage to cooling tower systems and ensure that they continue to operate efficiently and reliably.

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