With continual changes in Government restrictions, we are striving to quickly adapt and revise our services so that we may continue to operate as efficiently as possible. 

Integra has established strategies to ensure business continuities are maintained wherever possible during this Pandemic. 

Integra’s Online Remote Monitoring systems will continually monitor your water and report back on a huge array of data that can be accessed at a glance, 24 hours a day. 

We track every important aspect of your water health, including PH and bacteria levels, water consumption, and much more. Critical information can be accessed remotely without requiring visits, ensuring that your operations continue safely and smoothly, even during a pandemic. 

Our systems are in operation 24 hours and day, with online portal access to reports which easily highlight any important information at a glance. 

Our solutions can assist your business to efficiently operate multiple sites with different water requirements and demands, making it easier than ever before to successfully reduce business costs and avoid dangerous situations such as Legionella cases. 

For more information, contact Integra today.