Integra specialists were recently commissioned to design and install a bespoke containerised DAF plant in Sydney. 

The client required a fast turn-around on the project, as relevant water authorities had recently informed them of new discharge requirements. 

Managing the process from start to finish, Integra quickly delivered the customised DAF plant alongside an extremely effective and tailored chemical program, which was implemented with a controlled dose rate to minimise wastage and improve water quality. 

As always, Integra provide continuing support with plant maintenance, servicing, and around the clock technical aid. The client was extremely satisfied with the excellent quality of water entering the sewer system. 

Removing surfactants from the wash water was easily achieved with Integra’s extensive coagulant and flocculant range. 

The Integra designed DAF system will achieve a full return on investment within 2 years. 

Our solution provided a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem. 

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