Integra have provided innovative solutions to Sonoco, a global packaging solutions leader, to greatly improve their wastewater treatment capacity. 

With Integra’s continuous improvement program we’re constantly helping our customers be the best they can be, by minimising environmental impacts and reducing costs in the meantime. 

Integra and Sonoco’s engineering team have created a formidable partnership through constantly raising the bar in quality and efficiency. What were the benefits? 

With only a handful of process alterations Sonoco now have the capacity to treat up to three times the volume of wastewater it was previously. 

These improvements ensure that consistently well treated wastewater enters the sewer system in a much more productive and labour-saving manner. 

Integra would like to thank Sonoco for their long standing, valued relationship and applaud the company for their persistence in maintaining the highest environmental preservation protocols. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with an exceptional experience. 

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