Chemical Fogging to Eliminate Listeria

Integra provide holistic solutions to clean and sanitise every area of a plant to eliminate Listeria and other foodborne illnesses.

Our solutions closely examine Processing Operations, Packaging and Storage Operations, Equipment Considerations, General Plant Sanitation, and Employee Personal Hygiene to provide recommendations to maintain optimal cleanliness as well as a spotlessly hygienic environment.

Our detailed assessment involved working closely with our client to manage the approval process while adhering to strict plant OH&S quality assurance and environmental management guidelines.

Integra covers the entire process from the initial assessment right through to the final result.   

Integra compiled a complete program that followed standard operating procedures as well as comprehensive risk assessment strategies.

Integra are able to formulate detailed recommendations based on specific requirements for clients. We can offer the full support of our mangers and field technicians to successfully manage any on Plant bacterial or pathogen issues, and are also able to train plant staff to perform any necessary steps to ensure a clean, hygienic and safe working environment.

Our qualified staff were quickly able to recommend Fogging as the safest and most effective decontamination method.

The highly effective solution quickly decontaminates large areas, and is used alongside regular cleaning and sanitising methods to achieve fast, effective results.  

This chemistry and equipment combination can also effectively treat out-of-reach or forgotten surfaces which may harbour the Listeria organism. Some of these areas include ovens, fryers, FDC units, and spiral chillers, just to name a few.

To maintain a thoroughly clean, sanitised and pathogen-free environment, Integra recommend a combination of simple solutions to ensure the factory is free from commonly found food-borne bacteria.


The results proved that Integra’s methods were highly effective, with all traces of Listeria removed within a very short time frame. The swab results qualified this claim, with management looking to reduce the frequency to monthly due to the success of this program following 3- 4 weeks of clear swabs.

Our clients were impressed with the fast turnaround and were able to resume operations with minimal downtime and peace of mind that their plant was free of contaminants, pathogens and disease. The food they provide to their customers is now safe to eat, and also benefits from an increased shelf life.

Fogging will now be on an 'as required basis to ensure optimum hygiene levels are maintained.

For more information on how Integra can assist your business, contact an Integra Water Treatment specialist today.